Laser Tattoo Removal

People are more interested than ever before in tattoo removal and with today’s advanced laser technology, tattoos no longer have to be permanent. Faceit by Ian uses high quality technology to remove your tattoo to ensure you achieve the best results possible. We strive to provide first-class service to all our clients, including a professional and in-depth consultation to ensure you get the best results possible during your treatment with us, as well as an aftercare plan once you have completed your treatment.


Before any treatment begins, we’ll complete a full consultation and assessment. During this, we’ll determine your suitability for laser tattoo removal and recommend the best course of action. We’ll also explain everything and answer any questions.

There are a number of benefits of using lasers to remove unwanted tattoos. These include:

  • Safe and efficient procedure
  • Less risk of scarring
  • Minimal pain
  • Tattoos begin to fade after just one session
  • Long-lasting results

The lasers work by sending high concentrations of light into the skin to break the ink up into tiny particles. The body then absorbs this and disposes of it through the immune system. Over time, and after several sessions, the pigment in the tattoo fades.

You may experience some pain, pin point bleeding, soreness, redness and swelling during and after the tattoo removal. This is temporary and can be relieved using a cold compress.

The sensation felt during laser tattoo removal is often described as ‘being pinged with an elastic band’.

This will depend on your tattoo and skin type but typically several sessions are required. We can advise on treatment times after the initial consultation.

Generally, laser works well on black ink tattoos. Faceit by ian uses a laser that can work on black, blue, brown, red, green and purple inks.

Laser does not generally work well on pastel or fluorescent inks.

A free consultation and patch test will need to be conducted first where a price will be provided. Pricing will depend upon the size and colour of the tattoo.

To book your laser tattoo removal, please visit my online booking page